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Killing Floor 2 entering Early Access this month

Tripwire are looking to make a killing when Killing Floor 2 heads into Steam Early Access later this month.

By Tim McDonald | 8 Apr 2015 | 0

Killing Floor 2’s new developer diary focuses on more gore

If you remember the first developer diary for Killing Floor 2, you’ll remember it focused on the gore system.

By Tim McDonald | 14 Nov 2014 | Comments Off

Killing Floor 2’s dev diary shows off dismemberment and gore

Gore is a very, very big part of Killing Floor 2, if this hilariously morbid dev diary is anything to go by.

By Tim McDonald | 9 Oct 2014 | 1

Iceberg Interactive picks up Killing Floor 2

Iceberg Interactive will be distributing Killing Floor 2 at retail.
This is perhaps not much of a surprise, quite honestly, but it’s good to have confirmation.

By Tim McDonald | 31 Jul 2014 | Comments Off

Killing Floor 2 video invites you the Meet the Zeds

Tripwire have released a video of Killing Floor 2 which shows off some of the nasty specimens you’ll be fighting against.

By Tim McDonald | 25 Jun 2014 | Comments Off

Killing Floor 2 announced

Tripwire Interactive have announced Killing Floor 2, the sequel to 2009’s rather excellent co-op horror shooter.

By Tim McDonald | 9 May 2014 | Comments Off

Red Orchestra 2 free on Steam for 24 hours

If you fancy having a go at Tripwire’s realistic World War 2 multiplayer shooter, you can do so: Red Orchestra 2 is free on Steam for 24 hours.

By Tim McDonald | 23 Apr 2014 | Comments Off

Cartography pays: Rising Storm hosts mapping contest with cash prizes

Budding map-makers, prick up your ears: Tripwire Interactive is running a competition for people keen to build some battlegrounds for the newly released Rising Storm.

By Tim McDonald | 10 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Killing Floor updated with about a billion free things

I love the way Tripwire Interactive have dealt with Killing Floor‘s DLC.

By Tim McDonald | 3 Jul 2013 | Comments Off