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Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z out now, costs FIFTY BLOODY QUID

Tecmo Koei have released Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. It costs fifty quid.

By Tim McDonald | 21 Mar 2014 | 8

Keiji Inafune and Team Ninja collaborating on Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

Keiji Inafune’s Comcept studio and Team Ninja are joining forces to bring us Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, in which you’ll play a cyborg ninja, reconstructed with the sole purpose of getting revenge on Ryu Hayabusa … and a bunch of undead guys who stand in your way.

By Peter Parrish | 19 Sep 2012 | Comments Off

Team Ninja to announce a new game at Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show officially kicks off on 20 September (though Sony will be holding their press conference for the event in around nine hours or so), and Team Ninja appears to be gearing up to announce a new title.

By Peter Parrish | 18 Sep 2012 | Comments Off

Dead or Alive 5 will feature a slice of Pai Chan

Dead or Alive 5 is going to feature at least three Virtua Fighter cameo stars, as Japanese publication Famitsu confirms that Pai Chan will be showing up in Team Ninja’s latest.

By Peter Parrish | 12 Sep 2012 | Comments Off

Pain train: Dead or Alive 5 introduces Mila [Video]

Team Ninja is introducing a couple of new characters to the Dead or Alive series with the fifth installment of the game; one of which is MMA fighter and waitress, Mila.

By Peter Parrish | 11 Sep 2012 | Comments Off