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michael abrash

Valve’s Michael Abrash joins newly minted Oculus

Just a couple of short days after the expensive Facebook purchase of virtual reality developers Oculus, Valve’s Michael Abrash has swapped his Valve […]

28 Mar 2014 | 1 |

john carmack oculus rift

John Carmack explains his resignation from id

Despite what you may have thought, id’s John Carmack would have liked to have stayed on at id and not completely jumped ship […]

5 Feb 2014 | 1 |


Rust’s Garry Newman says Valve VR makes the Rift “feel like a torture device”

During the Steam Dev days developers were ushered into a room to test out Valve’s prototype VR system and feedback that was coming […]

24 Jan 2014 | 6 |


IncGamers Podcast #149

On this week’s edition of the IncGamers Podcast, we’re thinking about trademarking the word “podcast” and harassing anybody else on the internet who […]

22 Jan 2014 | 2 |


Steam Dev Days made VR enticing, now it needs to be convincing

Thanks to the information that’s been flowing out of Steam Dev Days since last week, we have a much clearer idea how two […]

20 Jan 2014 | 2 |

VR Valve

Valve’s Michael Abrash shares his Steam Dev Days VR slides and talk

Valve’s Michael Abrash has updated his blog and kindly shared his talk and slides covering the VR portion of Steam Dev Days. The slides […]

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Valve VR holodeck

Tripwire’s David Hensley says Valve’s VR felt “like a holo deck”

The full presentation of Valve’s VR prototype (which Steamdb thinks could going by the name ‘Vortex‘) will take place later today at Steam […]

16 Jan 2014 | Comments Off |


IncGamers Podcast #148

Today on the IncGamers Podcast, a technical miracle! They (well, Maxis) said it could never be done, but SimCity will soon be playable […]

15 Jan 2014 | 8 |


IncGamers Podcast #142

This week’s podcast is recorded inside a nuclear fallout shelter, in which the team are frantically trying to learn Morse code in order […]

27 Nov 2013 | 2 |

Steam Dev Days

Valve to dig VR headset out of the test chamber for Steam Dev Days event

As part of the Steam Dev Days event on 15-16 January, Valve will be hosting a pair of sessions relating to Virtual Reality. […]

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Virtuix Omni

The Virtuix Omni Kickstarts on 4 June – One to watch for VR fans

Putting together an amazing VR setup could get pricey, there’s quite a few pieces of kit you’re going to need to get the […]

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Oculus Rift

Is VR and Oculus Rift really the next big thing in gaming…again?

VR has very recently become a buzz word but have we not been here before? Back in the nineties the promise of immersing […]

26 Mar 2013 | 10 |


Hawken gets Oculus Rift Support

The latst game to get the Oculus VR treatment is the upcoming online action Mech title Hawken by Adhesive Games. Speaking to Forbes about […]

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