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IncGamers Podcast #147

Happy New Year, podcast listeners! May your PC gaming be forever bountiful.

9 Jan 2014 | 12

A Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2 – Part Four: Playing Support

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The basics
The Heroes – Part 1
The Heroes – Part 2
Situational Items
Playing Support


7 Jan 2014 | 4

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All third-party Steam Machine prices, specs and designs revealed

The third-party Steam Machine prices, designs and specs from the partners announced earlier today are revealed following the Valve CES conference this evening.

7 Jan 2014 | 1

Steam Machines pushed by Newell in short Valve CES conference

The Valve CES press conference has just concluded and it was slightly disappointing and extremely short only lasting around 10 minutes.

7 Jan 2014 | 7

Steam Winter Sale final day brings repeat deals

As is something of a tradition with the Steam Winter Sale, the final day of sales brings back some of the more popular deals from the past couple of weeks.

2 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale Day 14 – The IncGamers Picks

We’re now two weeks into the Steam Winter Sale and hopefully you’ve all managed to pick up some great bargains so far.

1 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale Day 13 – The IncGamers Picks

Can anything beat Half-Life 2 for $2.50 USD in the today’s Steam Winter Sale offerings?

31 Dec 2013 | 1

Steam Winter Sale Day 12 – The IncGamers Picks

Hey! It’s after Christmas. It’s before New Year. What better way to spend your time than playing some of the games you already own buying more games in the Steam sale?

30 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale Day 11 – The IncGamers Picks

It’s sequel day in the Steam Winter Sale, with no less than six of the thirteen Daily and Flash entries sporting a “2″ in the title.

29 Dec 2013 | 1

Steam Winter Sale Day 10 – The IncGamers Picks

We’re on day 10 of the Steam Winter Sale already and there’s a stack of wintery gaming goodness to enjoy today.

28 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale Day 9 – The IncGamers Picks

Any money left? Let’s hope so because there are a few things discounted on Day 9 of the Steam Winter Sale that you should check out.

27 Dec 2013 | 2

Steam Winter Sale Day 8 – The IncGamers Picks

I know what you’re thinking. What happened to Day 7 of the Steam Winter Sale?

26 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale Day 6 – The IncGamers Picks

Welcome to Christmas Eve, a day dedicated to waiting for Christmas to happen.

24 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale Day 5 – The IncGamers Picks

If you’ve been watching Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition in the Steam Winter Sale and waiting for a price drop, today is when you should take the plunge.

23 Dec 2013 | 4

Steam Winter Sale Day 4 – The IncGamers Picks

Are you sufficiently levelled up to tackle the Steam Winter Sale today?

22 Dec 2013 | 5

NeoGaf poster sends Companion Cube into space, Valve responds with gifts

In the middle of last month, NeoGaf poster DrForester (probably not the actual MST3K guy, but WHO KNOWS) launched a replica of the Portal Companion Cube into near-space as part of a scientific exercise.

21 Dec 2013 | 1

Steam Winter Sale Day 3 – The IncGamers Picks

Good old Sleeping Dogs, it never fails to pop up at an ever dwindling price in these sales.

21 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Steam Winter Sale 2013 Day 2 – The IncGamers Picks

It’s day two of Big Gaben’s Warehouse Giveaways (aka: the Steam Winter Sale,) come admire a figurative room packed to the rafters with cheap games.

20 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Dota 2 patch adds more heroes and rewards to Wraith-Night

How’re you going with Wraith-Night? Have you won it repeatedly, yet?

20 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Dota 2 wants submissions for Year of the Horse event

Wraith-Night is underway, but Valve aren’t resting on their (Christmas) laurels.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off