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Darkfall Unholy Wars (4)

Darkfall Online followup coming to PC in November

Having never played the original Darkfall MMO, I can’t really offer definitive comment about that game. From what I’ve read though, it had a very clear focus on Player-vs-Player combat, including a ‘full loot’ system (so defeated players could have all their stuff nicked) and persistent wars between clans.

If that appeals, then Aventurine’s announcement of Darkfall Unholy Wars will probably put an evil smile on your face at the thought of looting even more helpless newbies of their precious virtual goods.

“Lightning fast combat” in real-time battles (no tab-targeting here) are promised, suggesting that the emphasis will be all about skill rather than behind the scenes number generators.

The events of Unholy Wars will be based “countless centuries” after those in Darkfall, so expect the world of Agon to have become a rather different place.

Darkfall Unholy Wars is coming to the PC (through digital retailers) on 20 November.