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IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #189


This week on the podcast, I change the usual headline to see if we can snag a few more listeners by explaining that, yes, this is a podcast about PC games. But other than that, it’s mostly myself, Tim and Paul complaining about publishers failing to send us review code in a timely manner, like big whiny babies.

Whiny babies who want to do their jobs, admittedly.

Anyway, there’s good news about Just Cause 3; it’s coming out next year and it won’t have in-game microtransactions after all. Hooray. In other decent news, it seems Grand Theft Auto V’s PC version won’t be using nasty additional DRM after all.

Bethesda have suddenly decided they do comment on rumour and speculation after all, debunking one Fallout 4 trademark rumour and confirming another (but still reminding everybody not to expect any info in the near future.)

We also have a bit of a chat about Overwatch and whether the first-person-sort-of-meets-MOBA thing looks any cop. Plus the aforementioned complaints about missing review code.

Luckily, Valkyria Chronicles did show up, and turned out to be a fine, fine port. Tim’s also been playing Randal’s Monday and discovering new and unusual ways to open drawers in adventure games.

You can hear all of that, and download it, in the podcast below. Other delightful PC Gaming Podcast can be found in the IncGamers archives, and recent ones tend to hang around iTunes too.