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Twitch streamer caught up in DDoS attack on DOTA 2, BattleNet, WoT and EA services

It’s all the rage this week, DDoS attacks on game services.

31 Dec 2013 | 2

Minecraft Twitch integration now open to the public

If you’re reading this, you’re connected to the internet, which means there’s a 98.2% chance that you stream games onto Twitch.tv or upload them onto YouTube.

22 Nov 2013 | Comments Off

Livesteaming: Link your Twitch account with your Steam account

In a slightly unexpected move, Valve and Twitch TV have combined forces to let you link your accounts together.

4 Jul 2013 | 1

Twitch goes Turbo with ad free service

Twitch¬†has just launched their new “Turbo” service which can be all yours for a monthly fee.

4 Feb 2013 | 2

Twitch integration being added to EA’s Origin

It appears that live streaming options are becoming all the rage with news that EA are adding Twitch integration to Origin sometime in the near future.

8 Nov 2012 | Comments Off