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IncGamers readers divided about GTA 5’s delay on PC


Our readers are split on whether the PC delay is acceptable or not.

The results are in from our latest IncGamers poll, revealing something of a split on the issue of GTA 5’s PC delay. When Rockstar announced the delay we wanted to gauge the response of our readers, so we asked you how you felt.

More than one thousand people added their opinion in the poll, and just under one third of respondents (32%) thought the delay was fine. Rockstar, they felt, “should take additional time for QA on PC and other optimisation.”

However, when people were upset by the delay, they were really upset. 29% felt Rockstar was once again treating PC players as “second class” and declared that as a result they won’t bother buying GTA 5 at all.

You can see those results, and the rest, in the final poll standings below. Read on beyond that for our next poll.

Do you think the GTA V PC delay is justified?

  • Yes, Rockstar should take additional time for QA on PC and other optimisation. (32% )
  • Rockstar is treating PC players as second class yet again; I won't be buying it at all (29% )
  • No, it's either an outdated way of preventing piracy or shameless attempt to encourage double-dipping. (18% )
  • I'm not too happy, but at least I'll have GTA V to play in January. (11% )
  • I'll just delay my purchase and get the PC version when it goes on sale. (10% )

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Following Creative Assembly’s reveal of Total War: Attila yesterday, we want to know how you feel about that announcement.

Is the stand-alone expansion for Rome 2 the Total War game you were expecting or hoping for? Or were you holding out for something like Medieval 3 or the rumoured Warhammer title?

Let us know in the poll, just under these words. We’ll post the results up in a week or so.

How do you feel about the Total War: Attila reveal?

  • Creative Assembly should finish fixing Rome 2 before releasing more games. (32% )
  • It looks fine, but I was hoping for Medieval 3, Empire 2 or Warhammer. (29% )
  • Another Barbarian Invasion type expansion isn't all that interesting, I'd have preferred Medieval 3 or something. (23% )
  • It looks great, and should expand Rome 2 quite nicely. (16% )

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