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Rome 2′s Hannibal at the Gates expansion and free DLC out today

Two extra chunks of Total War: Rome 2 have been released today, one which Creative Assembly hopes you’ll dip into your pocket for and the other which is going out free to everybody.

27 Mar 2014 | 0

Total War: Rome 2′s Patch 10 unleashed upon Steam

With a new expansion on the way (Hannibal at the Gates, on 25 March,) it seems timely to have another Total War: Rome 2 patch.

20 Mar 2014 | 2

Total War: Rome 2 DLC Hannibal at the Gates announced for this month

Creative Assembly have announced the second “major Campaign Pack DLC” for Total War: Rome 2, titled Hannibal at the Gates, and have dated it for 27 March.

13 Mar 2014 | 2

Total War: Rome 2′s Beasts of War DLC includes bee catapults

It seems like Rome 2 lost the weekend battle with Company of Heroes 2, which sadly means this Beasts of War DLC is not free.

17 Feb 2014 | 4

Total War: Rome 2 sends Patch 9 live and into the wild

Yesterday’s hotfix for the latest Total War: Rome 2 patch was apparently enough to push it out of the beta stage and into the realm known as “worthy for public release.” As a result, Patch 9 is now available to all and should automatically download and apply itself to your copy of Rome 2 on Steam.

30 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

Total War: Rome 2 gets a Patch 9 beta update

Update: As of 30 January, Rome 2′s Patch 9 is out of beta and live for everyone.

29 Jan 2014 | 1

Total War: Rome 2 Assembly Kit beta released – Get mod making

Total War: Rome 2 players interesting in mod making can now grab theĀ Total War: Rome 2 Assembly Kit.

16 Jan 2014 | 2

Total War: Rome 2 patch 8.1 goes live, patch 9 in the works

I wonder if anybody at Creative Assembly got much of a Christmas holiday?

10 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

Total War: Rome 2 Caesar in Gaul DLC Review

Total War: Rome 2 was a major disappointment when it was released in what appeared to be a semi-completed state back in September 2013.

3 Jan 2014 | 5

Total War: Rome 2 Patch 8.1 now in beta, culture system explained

As suggested at the time of its release, the Caesar in Gaul DLC for Total War: Rome 2 has been followed by a new beta patch, numbered 8.1.

21 Dec 2013 | 1

Total War: Rome 2 plonks Caesar in Gaul and releases Patch 8

Creative Assembly has released the first full expansion for Total War: Rome 2 today, in the form of Caesar in Gaul.

17 Dec 2013 | 1

New AMD Catalyst 13.11 beta 5 driver

AMD users can now upgrade their drivers to the Catalyst 13.11 Beta 5 drivers to bring their systems up to speed.

4 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Total War Rome 2 Caesar in Gaul DLC announced – Due next week

Creative Assembly will be releasing the first campaign expansion Total War Rome 2 Caesar in GaulĀ on 12 December.

2 Dec 2013 | 4

Baktria coming to Total War: Rome 2 as free playable faction

Alongside today’s news that Patch 7 for Total War: Rome 2 is now live and out there in the Steam wilderness is word that another playable faction will be added to the game.

21 Nov 2013 | Comments Off

Total War: Rome 2 patch 7 now in open beta for players to try(arii)

Creative Assembly has announced today that Patch 7 for Total War: Rome II is available as an opt-in beta on Steam.

14 Nov 2013 | 3

Total War: Rome 2 coming to SteamOS – 25% off on Steam this weekend

Creative Assembly’s Rob Bartholomew has announced that Total War: Rome 2 will be coming to Steam OS.

8 Nov 2013 | 2

Creative Assembly: Patch 7 for Total War: Rome 2 “is not the last patch”

The latest patch and performance update from Creative Assembly about Total War: Rome 2 promises that the game will be supported by the developers “for a long, long time.” Apparently there had been some talk and rumours about the upcoming Patch 7 being the final patch for the game, which the team want to put to rest.

8 Nov 2013 | 1

Total War: Rome 2 patch 6 and patch 7 status update

An update post from Creative Assembly over at the Total War forums contains details of the developer’s plans for Rome 2′s patch 6 and patch 7.

1 Nov 2013 | Comments Off

Gore blimey: Total War Rome 2 gets some more bloody DLC

Oh Creative Assembly, you were so close to figuring out how to make amends to players.

31 Oct 2013 | 1

Total War: Rome 2 Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack out, currently free

The Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack for Total War: Rome 2 has launched, offering you three more playable factions for – right now – absolutely free.

22 Oct 2013 | 2