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IncGamers Podcast #183


Hurrah, and such.

A pulsating, end-to-end podcast this week, as the FIFA 15 PC version comes in for some criticism. Mostly from me, since I’m the one who played and reviewed it. It’s fine, just beset by some old problems that mean it’s not anywhere near as good as the series should be at this point.

Before all that, and before we learn about Paul’s wizardly woes in Gauntlet, Tim gets to tell us why the latest DOTA 2 update changes so very much about the game. And then changes some of it back, because it wasn’t working quite as intended.

We spend some time discussing Blizzard’s cancellation of the much-rumoured open secret MMO, Titan. Which, it turns out, may have just been The Sims sellotaped to a used copy of Mass Effect. But we’re not sure.

Creative Assembly announced Total War: Attila, so the podcast players of Rome 2 chat a bit about that reveal as well. Also, some bitter ranting about how certain YouTube broadcasters get all the PC review code early with no embargo dates because they’re non-disclosing marketing sell-outs. Allegedly.

Speaking of which, Tim’s been downloading Shadow of Mordor in preparation for an impartial look at the PC version.

You can hear all of that, below. More podcast episodes are housed in the grand IncGamers archive wing, and also at iTunes.