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The Witness

Bear witness: Jonathan Blow’s The Witness offers some moving footage

The Witness

Sony couldn’t prevent a little bit of PC leaking out of their big PS4 reveal conference today. Jonathan Blow’s The Witness may well be confined to Sony’s new piece of hardware in the console realm, but it has always been due (and still is) to appear on our beloved box.

If you’ve been keeping up with its development, you may know that The Witness is set on a curious, open-world island full of individual puzzles to solve. Many of these appear to take the form of laser-tracing (as you’ll see in the trailer,) but given that Blow mentioned today that the game could last you in the region of 25 hours, there’s probably more to it than meets the eye.

I mean, hopefully there is. I’m not sure I want to play 25 hours of line-tracing puzzles.

Here’s the trailer.