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FunCom hit with un-fun charges of financial infringement

There’s news coming out of Norway that FunCom (developers of The Secret World and holders of the Dreamfall license) have been charged with “suspicion of infringement of the provisions of the Securities Trading Act” by Norwegian authorities.

29 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

The Secret World’s Christmas event sends players to Niflheim

Denizens of The Secret World get Christmas too, you know, but theirs is less full of jolly fat men and presents and family arguments, and more full of snow and death and satyr-beasts scouring the land for naughty people to punish.

19 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

The Secret World Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda goes live

Issue #8: The Venetian Agenda  for the Secret World has gone live today.

7 Nov 2013 | Comments Off

The Secret World’s game director updates us on events

The latest update from Joel Bylos, game director of The Secret World, has given us all sorts of insight as to what’s going on at Funcom right now.

1 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

The Secret World needs you to fend off The Whispering Tide

Dark days are still coming, beautiful humans. The events of The Secret World‘s Issue 7 update – the Bond-esque A Dream to Kill – have caused problems, and those problems need resolving.

20 Sep 2013 | 1

The Secret World Issues 8 and 9, next event, and clothing competition detailed

The latest Game Director Letter for The Secret World has details on how Issues 8 and 9 are progressing, with some news on the Scenario system and Tokyo.

5 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

From Transylvania with Love: The Secret World Issue 7 teased

If you fancy a mix of James Bond and spooky, little girl-based horror, then The Secret World‘s forthcoming Issue 7 should be right up your non-euclidean alley.

1 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

The Secret World Issue #6 revealed by Funcom

The next chapter in The Secret World has been revealed as The Last Train to Cairo which is due to launch some time in March.

22 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

Funcom closes Beijing Studio

Funcom are still in the process of scaling down their operations as part of their majotr restructuing and today they have shut down their Beijing Studio.

25 Jan 2013 | Comments Off

The Secret World player activity increases 400%

The latest financial information from Funcom reveals some interesting facts about The Secret World now that the MMO’s subscriptions have been removed.

10 Jan 2013 | Comments Off

Joel Bylos emerges from his Secret World end of days bunker

To the surprise of almost everyone on the planet, the Mayan calendar did not turn out to be an accurate predictor of the end of days.

21 Dec 2012 | 1

Why I Love The Secret World

I’ve had this article bubbling away in my brain for months now, and I still can’t think of where to begin.

21 Dec 2012 | 6

Joel Bylos pens missive about Issue 6 of The Secret World

When he’s not busy hiding in a bunker from the Mayan apocalypse, or talking to IncGamers about the decision to drop The Secret World’s subscription fee, Joel Bylos is writing stuff about the game.

20 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

Secret World game director prepares for the end of the world in second video

It’s the 21 December tomorrow, and if the Mayan predictions are true, the end of the world is nigh.

20 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

The Secret World Issue #5; The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn goes live

With only a couple of days until the end of the world, Issue #5; The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn for The Secret World has now gone live.

19 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

What’s Mayan is yours: Joel Bylos on ending the Secret World subscription fee

Last week, Funcom announced that The Secret World would no longer be charging players a subscription fee to play the conspiracy-fueled MMO.

19 Dec 2012 | 1

The Secret World goes free to play by dropping subs

Some big new this morning as Funcom announces that the Secret World has gone free to play following the amusing video from Joel Bylos a couple of days ago.

12 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

The Secret World diary video hints at temporary free-to-play period

In a rather odd diary-style developer video, Funcom’s Joel Bylos appears to announce a temporary end to subscription fees for The Secret World.

10 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

End of Days is coming to The Secret World preceded by a new ARG

Things are going to get nasty on 21 December in The Secret World when there will be a “cataclysmic event that marks the end of time as we know it”.

3 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

Larger story arc coming in The Secret World issue #5

Following the launch of The Secret World issue #4 last week, Funcom are ready to reveal some of their plans for issue #5.

23 Nov 2012 | Comments Off