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IncGamers Podcast #125


Can the podcast team interest you in some fish?

Hopefully so, because the thrilling, not-at-all-playground-style drama of Phil Fish’s sudden games industry resignation is a point of discussion this week.

We also delve into the strange and mysterious world of Australian game classification, where Saints Row 4 is denied a rating on the grounds that it might teach kids that space drugs are awesome; and chat about the announcement, at long last, of some BioShock Infinite DLC.

It’s been a busy games week, so expect podcast views on Payday 2’s beta, Teleglitch, Prime World, Rise of the Triad, Cloudberry Kingdom and a magical experience called Crypt Worlds where you piss on stuff and explore the banality of life.

Listen in (or download,) below. You can find more of the same in our archives or at iTunes. If you so desire.