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IncGamers Podcast #115


On this week’s podcast, the team address Blizzard’s impromptu free gold giveaway (and subsequent withdrawal,) discuss the one year anniversary of Diablo 3 (Error 37 cards for everyone!) and ponder Trion’s decision to take Rift free-to-play.

We also have a think about just how nauseous an Oculus Rift version of Portal might make us, and whether Half-Life 2’s Oculus version might suffer a similar fate.

Finally, Paul accuses Patrice Desilets of stealing toilet rolls from Ubisoft. For some reason.

In games, Tim’s been cosying up with a bunch of lovely spiders in Metro: Last Light, Peter’s been finding new and exciting 4x war crimes to commit in StarDrive and there’s a bit of bonus chat about ‘Tower Offense’ title Anomaly 2 as well.

Listen to or download the show, below. Archives of past shows can be found here, or at iTunes.