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IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #194


Mostly Podcasting.

As discussed inside this very podcast, this may be the last pod before Christmas. Unless we squeeze in another one. We haven’t decided yet. Either way, it’s a fairly busy one full of lots of Elite: Dangerous chat and the odd comparison to Euro Truck Simulator (they’re closer than you think!)

Most of us on the podcast also seem to be slightly concerned that Steam’s new auction system is just part of some (potentially sinister) economic experiment, designed to generate data for nefarious purposes. Or maybe it’s just a handy way to turn some of your unused Steam community items into a virtual currency to spend on (maybe) winning a game. Who knows.

Speaking of Steam, Dark Souls is on there now. I mean, properly on there. Not “on there but you have to play it through Games for Windows Live.” Remember to update your DSfix so you can unlock the frame-rate.

I think we talked a little bit about Assassin’s Creed: Unity, AMD’s drivers and Naruto as well. Naruto the game, that is. Not the anime.

Tim’s been learning to fear the dark in Dying Light, while Paul has been knocking about in both Son of Nor and NeoCore’s Deathtrap. I’m there to provide the aforementioned Elite: Dangerous discussion.

You can listen to and download the podcast, below. Other episodes seem to hang around in our archives and should hopefully not smell too bad. Over at iTunes, they have the last ten or so as well.