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Rebellion talk Sniper Elite 3 community and features in dev video

Rebellion are keen to explain exactly what’s different about Sniper Elite 3 in case there was any confusion in the community about the features this new game brings to the table.

20 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

Rebellion discuss the new Sniper Elite 3 Killcam in dev video

Hot on the heels of our Sniper Elite 3 preview, comes a new video from Rebellion for Sniper Elite 3.

17 Feb 2014 | 1

Sniper Elite 3 Preview

Everyone loves to be the sniper and hates to be sniped, a fact that’s probably played a huge part in the popularity of Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series over the years.

6 Feb 2014 | 6

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Sniper Elite 3 announced

Rebellion and 505 Games are to continue the Sniper Elite series with the announcement today of Sniper Elite 3.

14 Mar 2013 | Comments Off