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IncGamers Podcast #121

After Eric’s trip within the belly of the Blizzard beast, what has the podcast team learned about the future of Diablo 3?

3 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Darkspore’s woes foretell a grim future for SimCity and ‘cloud’ gaming

Something strange is happening with EA and Maxis’ ill-fated action-RPG, Darkspore.

2 Jul 2013 | 5

Take to the skies: SimCity Airship DLC released

If the traffic in SimCity is pissing off your sims then the best way to travel has to be airship.

26 Jun 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity update 5 releases Tuesday 18 June

Maxis are ready to roll out SimCity update 5 this Tuesday which will come with new features and missions.

17 Jun 2013 | 3

UK’s digital charts launch – SimCity and Bioshock Infinite on top

After months of beta testing, the UKIE has finally released the first UK digital charts and a combined digital and retail chart for PC games.

28 May 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity Amusement Park DLC features detailed

In a new update from SimCity gameplay scripter Jason Halvorson, he details many of the features of the upcoming SimCity Amusement Park DLC which is due for release on 28 May.

25 May 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity 4.0 update tomorrow comes with a new region and more

Maxis are plugging away at sorting out remaining SimCity issues and tomorrow update 4.0 will be released.

22 May 2013 | 3

SimCity theme park DLC coming 28 May

Maxis and EA will be releasing their first piece of paid for DLC, which is a theme park pack, on 28 May. 

17 May 2013 | 1

Maxis release SimCity 3.0 update notes – Patch coming this week

The SimCity 3.0 update is due later this week and Maxis has issued a final list of what’s coming in the release.

7 May 2013 | 1

SimCity Interview with Maxis’ Kip Katsarelis

I think everyone will agree that SimCity’s launch was less than perfect and since the game was released all kinds of issues and bugs have surfaced.

6 May 2013 | 20

SimCity mod support is “a possibilty” says Maxis’ Kip Katsarelis

Since SimCity launched, fans of the previous game have been crying out for the ability to mod the new game.

3 May 2013 | 2

Spoof SimCity L.A DLC recreates the City of Angels

There’s not been much in the way of DLC for SimCity so far but imagine if there was a Los Angeles DLC.

29 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity keeps Dead Island: Riptide from topping charts

There has been two major releases since the last UK PC game chart, Dead Island: Riptide and Star Trek, but neither has managed to take down the mighty SimCity from the top of the charts for week ending 27 February.

29 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Our favourite SimCity 2.0 bugs in video

Maxis are not having a great time at the moment with SimCity.

25 Apr 2013 | 3

SimCity still on top in UK PC chart

The UK PC charts for week ending 20 April reveal that SimCity holds the top spot for another week.

22 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity 2.0 patch coming Monday – Fixes finalised

Maxis will be releasing the 2.0 update for SimCity on Monday and they have now locked down all the changes and fixes that will be coming to the game.

19 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity Crest DLC touches a nerve – DLC to boycott for ethical reasons

Last month Maxis released the free DLC for the Nissan Leaf which at the time received a mixed reaction from the community.

16 Apr 2013 | 20

SimCity tops UK charts for another week

SimCity has managed to stay on top of the UK PC game charts for week ending 13 April.

15 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Maxis update on SimCity improvements and fixes

SimCity fixes continue with a list of planned updates from Maxis, some of which have been applied to the test server already.

12 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

SimCity Cheetah speed is now on live servers

Since the launch of SimCity Maxis has had to remove the Cheetah speed setting which has frustrated many players.

10 Apr 2013 | Comments Off