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IncGamers Plays More Outlast

outlast - 3

Apparently, you lot liked laughing at me getting scared shitless by Red Barrels Games’ Outlast. Apparently, I left it at an awkward position. Apparently, I should’ve done some more. Well, fine. Lucky for you that I also recorded the next 20 minutes, eh?

This third (and probably final) video in our IncGamers Plays Outlast series has me starting in the locker I was hiding in at the end of the last video, and then exploring a pitch-black basement in an attempt to turn the power back on. While being chased by a lunatic with a club and whimpering like a little girl finding out how glue is made. You’re all sadists, you know that?

Outlast is out now, and can be yours for £15 GBP. If you missed the first two videos leading up to this concluding part (which actually does end at a reasonable place!) you can see them here.

And if you’re awful enough that you really, really want me to do more of these, say so in the comments.