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Charlie Brooker infiltrates Sniper Elite 3

Charlie Brooker will get to live the ultimate videogame dream of being able to murder himself in a favourite series.

16 Apr 2014 | 0

Moonbase Commander lands on Steam

I don’t expect you to remember Humongous Entertainment’s Moonbase Commander. This quirky little turn-based strategy game, which I’d happily describe as “like Worms, only with much more strategy and really, really good” hit PCs in 2002 and nobody bought it.

6 Feb 2014 | Comments Off

Sniper Elite 3 shoots out a trailer and screenshot

Rebellion have released a pretty trailer and a screenshot for their forthcoming Africa-based scope-’em-up Sniper Elite 3.

19 Dec 2013 | 1

Rebellion kick off their winter sales with discounts in their store

Rebellion are getting in on the recent sale action with a holiday sale of their own via the Rebellion store.

7 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Undead Fuhrery: Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 available today

Rebellion have popped their heads above the barricade to note that Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 will be available on Steam from around 5pm (UK time) this evening.

31 Oct 2013 | 1

How rebellious: GOG weekend deal offers Rebellion games for cheap

This week, GOG’s weekend sale is focusing on Rebellion titles with 60% off 13 different titles of massively mixed quality.

25 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Zombie surprise: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 announced

Judging by past trends, there are few things that work so well in games as Nazis, zombies, and a combination of the two.

6 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

Back to Berlin – Rebellion teases more Sniper Elite Nazis and zombies

Rebellion look to be heading back to Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army as a tease has popped up on their website stating “You thought it was over”.

5 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

Second Rebellion teaser raids the ‘creepy nursery rhyme’ box

The second teaser for Rebellion’s mystery Valentine’s Day reveal opts for the hoariest of hoary horror clich├ęs (well, maybe excluding ‘monster screech ends the trailer’) in the form of a young girl singing a slow, creepy nursery rhyme.

1 Feb 2013 | 2

Rebellion teases something zombie-related for Valentine’s Day

Rebellion, developers of Sniper Elite V2, are teasing something zombie-themed for 14 February.

29 Jan 2013 | Comments Off

Sniper Elite V2 multiplayer coming to 360 and PS3

Rebellion are bringing multiplayer support to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of Sniper Elite V2.

30 Aug 2012 | 2