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Pockie Pirates Chapter 3 – All Blue Crews

New lands ahoy! NGames announce new adventures and methods to recruit powerful crew members

NGames has today revealed a plethora of mysterious new islands, new crew members, and a brand new gameplay mechanic ready to hit free-to-play pirate MMORPG, Pockie Pirates.

Launching early September, Chapter 3: The Royal Seven promises to flood the world of Pockie Pirates with brand new islands and dangerous new adventures.

Located at the new All Blue section of the ocean, players will be able to explore new islands and tackle new challenges in a bid to recruit crew members with powers beyond anything the game has ever seen.

All Blue is a mysterious hub of islands located where the North, South, East and West seas combine. The area is brimming with new missions, dangerous challenges and powerful new crew members ripe for recruitment. High level pirates can journey to All Blue from the city hub, where they will be presented with in an innovative board game style adventure.

Players are presented with a board of 15 unique islands, each with its own adventures and mystery events to tackle. Battling through a full circuit of the board and passing the starting point again will reward players with Fame, which can be accrued and eventually cashed in on brand new All Blue crew members. Dice rolls are limited per day, though pirates can unlock more rolls if they upgrade to VIP status.

The trials will be tough, but the promise of recruiting a new All Blue crew member means the risk is worth taking. Besides increased base stats, All Blue crew members have new skills guaranteed to give their captains the edge in battle. There are 10 devastating new skills in total, such as the Destruction Cannon, which attacks all enemies to deal 200% physical damage and reduces their fury; Champion Fist, which deals up to 600% physical damage and stuns enemies for two rounds; and Death Apple – a chance to kill a chosen target with one shot.

Featuring a brand new Schibukai system – a powerful player led government with seats earned through constant tournaments – new All Blue adventures and major gameplay optimizations, “Chapter 3 – The Royal Seven” promises to be the biggest and best Pockie Pirates expansion to date.

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