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IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #192



Sound the Molyneux trumpets, because the high prince of promises has returned. Or, he will return, anyway. Somehow it took Paul pointing it out on the podcast for me to realise the significance of Peter Molyneux’s next project being called The Trail. We’ve been referring to his “Trail of Broken Dreams” for years; he’s clearly a long-time listener to the show.

Hopefully Mr. Molyneux will appreciate our discussion about Star Citizen pets, sex pests and stretch marks. Or our speculation about the clearly Muppet Christmas Carol inspired Assassin’s Creed: Victoriana Edition.

Steam has launched a broadcasting function so simple even a lazy person like myself can use it, and the BBC have taken a bold leap into the strange world of videogames (where stuff not working at launch is basically now expected) with a feature on World of Warcraft’s expansion woes.

Tim’s still making his way through Dragon Age: Inquisition, apparently by being a massive jerk at parties. Paul spent his recovery period playing Starpoint Gemini 2, and I’ve been looking at The Crew and the thoroughly post-modern The Old City: Leviathan.

Listen to all of that nonsense, below. Or download it and save it for later. Whichever you favour. Other podcast episodes can be found in the IncGamers archives, and over in the shiny white land of iTunes.