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Omnideck 6 is revealed but it’s 55K Euros for an immersive experience


Omnifinity is embracing the Oculus Rift with it’s latest version of the motorised treadmill.

The Omnideck first came to our attention when it popped up on the Gadget Show and it looked impressive with the massive surround screens. Version 6 of the motorised treadmill is now ready and this new version of the 6 metre wide omnidirectional motorised treadmill has been revealed .

This time they’re keen to demonstrate it’s compatibility with the Oculus Rift DK1 and Dk2. To get complete freedom of movement with a Rift, a laptop would need to inserted into a backpack with the Rift hooked into the laptop.

This looks like  great way to play shooters but there is one one problem, the Omnidesk is way out of the average gamer’s price range. The treadmill and all the tracking wizardry that comes with it costs 55k Euros but they can apparently be hired with enough notice.

Still, you can dream and hope that one day something like this will be cheap. Alternatively grab a Cyberith Virtualizer.