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Wii U will open the doors of Nintendo Land

In a bid to further utilise the ‘Mii’ avatars on the Wii U, Nintendo has announced Nintendoland; a theme park featuring rides from famous Nintendo series’. Your Mii visits the virtual theme park, changes into a new costume for each attraction (relevant to the ride) and enjoys the ride as a character from that series.

There will be 12 different attractions in total, of which five will be shown during E3. Multiplayer attractions The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion (shown to be a haunted house type of affair) and Animal Crossing Sweet Days will all be playable at the show.

Single player attractions Donkey Kong’s Crash Course and Ninja Castle will be there too.

Nintendoland is billed as a game that’ll take advantage of the Wii U GamePad and integration with the previously announced MiiVerse (though this was not detailed at any length).