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New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U announced for Wii U – first screens

At Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference, Nintendo of America head-honcho Reggie Fils-Aime announced that the Wii U will be getting a new Mario game. Dubbed New Super Mario Bros. U the game will support the new Wii U gamepad and up to four classic Wii Wiimote.

Four players can play using the Wiimotes, while an extra player can play on the Wii U gamepad. The gamepad player can help the other four by placing blocks on the level to create paths to allow the others a safer and faster passage through the level.

A brief gameplay video was shown, with levels including those set underwater, those set in the sky and those featuring ghosts.

It will be possible to play New Super Mario Bros. U using the Wii U gamepad as thr screen, freeing up the TV to actually watch TV.