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Forza Horizon

Forza Horizon’s season pass costs almost as much as the game itself

Things are starting to get a little out of hand with ‘season passes’ (look, can we just call them what they are: pre-paid DLC bundles). Playground Games has provided some information about the bundle for Forza Horizon, and it’s set to cost $50 USD (or 4,000 MS Points).

Hm. That’s close to the price of the entire game (presuming a retail price of around $60 USD).

For that $50 USD, you’ll get six car packs (with six cars each, for a total of 36), an “expansion pack” (what’s in this hasn’t yet been detailed), five exclusive vehicles and some sort of ‘launch day’ pack.

Sure, that’s a lot of cars, and I know the line between ‘intentionally pulled from the game to sell later’ and ‘developed while the main game is going through the publishing process’ is a narrow one. But surely a fair old chunk of this stuff should’ve been in the base title? Shouldn’t it? I mean, it really seems like it should.

The ‘season pass’ will be available from 23 October, the same day as the game itself.