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Torchlight 2 (2)

Torchlight 2 for Mac in “a couple months at least”

While PC gamers have been thoroughly enjoying darting around Torchlight 2 with their characters for a week or so now, Mac gamers are going to have to wait a while until the game gets ported over. In an interview on Reddit for the Humble Indie Bundle, six devs sat down to talk about the bundle idea and their games.

When quized on a release date for the Mac version of Torchlight 2, Runic’s CEO Max Schaefer added “That’s next on the agenda, but it will take a couple months at least. Oh, and we look forward down the road eventually to having TL2 in a bundle!”

So some comfort there for Mac gamers, even if it’s going to be a little down the road.

Source: Torchlight: IncGamers