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New Marvel Heroes characters unveiled

There’s going to be even more superheroes to play with in Marvel Heroes.

By Paul Younger | 29 Sep 2014 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes 2015 Review

We didn’t review Marvel Heroes when it launched last year simply because it felt like a shell of a game.

By Paul Younger | 9 Jul 2014 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes gets end of anniversary events

Marvel Heroes recently celebrated one year of superhero ARPG action and to close out the celebrations there’s all kinds of things going on in the game.

By Paul Younger | 27 Jun 2014 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes 2015 launches 4 July – Watch the new demonic trailer

It’s been a whole year since David Brevik’s Gazillion launched Marvel Heroes and it’s about to celebrate an anniversary and a new name.

By Paul Younger | 30 May 2014 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes launches One-Shots, help Black Panther with this code

The first of Marvel Heroes’ One-Short Stories kicks off today, with Man-Ape vs Black Panther.

By Peter Parrish | 16 May 2014 | Comments Off

Doctor Strange joins Marvel Heroes today as playable character

Gazillion are ready to unleash the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Strange into the world of Marvel Heroes today as the latest playable character.

By Paul Younger | 28 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

IncGamers 2013 Readers’ Awards – The Winners

After a whole week of voting from the readers for the best PC games of 2013, the winners of this year’s IncGamers 2013 Readers’ Awards can be revealed.

By Paul Younger | 23 Dec 2013 | 5

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Marvel Heroes 2.1 Siege brings Ghost Rider

Marvel Heroes has today received a pretty hefty game update which includes the new playable Ghost Rider.

By Paul Younger | 20 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes Advance Pack lets you pre-order characters

Gazillion Entertainment have opened up Advance Pack orders for Marvel Heroes, letting you pre-order pretty much all of the playable heroes and villains to be released over the next year at a steep discount.

By Tim McDonald | 17 Dec 2013 | 4

Burning man: Marvel Heroes updates to 1.11, adds Human Torch

Earlier this month, when the 1.11 patch for Marvel Heroes was announced, we weren’t entirely sure what the update was going to contain.

By Peter Parrish | 5 Aug 2013 | Comments Off

Testing heroes: Marvel Heroes test server launches

Gazillion is now ready to test new Marvel Heroes features with the launch of a new test servers this evening.

By Paul Younger | 23 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Flame on: Marvel Heroes Human Torch trailer

At ComicCon Gazillion revealed a slew of updates that are coming to the free to play ARPG Marvel Heroes and one of the new additions is the Human Torch.

By Paul Younger | 22 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes patch 1.11 vaguely dated, first new zone detailed

If you’ve been playing Gazillion’s free-to-play superhero-themed Diablo MMO thing, Marvel Heroes, then you’ve probably already heard that they’ve been working on an Eternity Splinters system to let you unlock heroes of your choosing through gameplay.

By Tim McDonald | 22 Jul 2013 | 1

Marvel Heroes making major changes to playable hero drops with new currency

Some big news for Marvel Heroes players this evening as Gazillion revealed major changes to the way in which extra characters can be acquired from drops.

By Paul Younger | 12 Jul 2013 | 2

How to do free-to-play right

Funny how things change. Much as we’ve always treated any new developments in gaming with a degree of suspicion and mistrust, there’ve always been new content types that have evoked a huge range of possibilities.

By Tim McDonald | 28 Jun 2013 | 10

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IncGamers Podcast #120

If this IncGamers podcast were to have a theme (which it might have done if I’d noticed this before recording and uploading it,) it would be heroes.

By Peter Parrish | 26 Jun 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes Ultimate Pack early access now live – Problems resolved

Gazillion had planned on launching the early access for Marvel Heroes yesterday for those that had purchased the Ultimate Packs but there were some “issues” which prevented the servers going live.

By Paul Younger | 29 May 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes early access launch on hold due to “serious issues”

Launching a new game is a nightmare and Gazillion have fallen foul of the launch gremlins with their online ARPG Marvel Heroes which was set to go live today.

By Paul Younger | 29 May 2013 | Comments Off

Behind the scenes with the Marvel Heroes voice actors

Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes will be releasing on the 4 June and if you’ve been taking part in the beta test then you’ll know there’s plenty of dialogue in the game.

By Paul Younger | 17 May 2013 | Comments Off

Thor hammers stuff in new Marvel Heroes trailer – Final open beta this weekend

The Son of Asgard is the subject of the latest Marvel Heroes trailer as Thor uses his mighty hammer to smash up some thugs.

By Paul Younger | 8 May 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes open beta tomorrow. Watch Iron Man in action.

Tomorrow the fist beta for Marvel Heroes kicks of at 3AM BST and runs until Monday.

By Paul Younger | 3 May 2013 | Comments Off

IncGamers Podcast #113

We asked and you answered. The quiz format makes its triumphant return on this week’s podcast, as the panel is tested on their knowledge of Ubisoft pre-order special editions in honour of Watch Dogs.

By Peter Parrish | 2 May 2013 | 4

Marvel Heroes goes open beta this weekend

Gazzilion’s ARPG Marvel Heroes is set to go into open beta this weekend after many months of closed testing.

By Paul Younger | 30 Apr 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes Beta Key Giveaway

IncGamers has teamed up with Gazillion for Marvel Heroes giving you the chance to take part in the beta test between Friday April 19th until Sunday April 21st.

By Paul Younger | 16 Apr 2013 | 21

Web-bound: Marvel Heroes announces launch date of 4 June

David Brevik and Gazillion Entertainment have used the occasion of PAX East to slap a release date on free-to-play action-RPG Marvel Heroes.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Mar 2013 | Comments Off

Stark rewards: Marvel Heroes offers a pair of Iron Man ‘founder’ packs

Gazillion has announced a pair of Iron Man specific ‘founder packs’ for those of you who want to chuck a wodge of cash at the superhero-themed action RPG before it’s even released.

By Peter Parrish | 12 Mar 2013 | Comments Off

David Brevik celebrates his birthday with the Harlem Shake

David Brevik of Marvel Heroes and the first two Diablo titles has just celebrated his birthday.

By Paul Younger | 14 Feb 2013 | 2

Get Marvel Heroes’ Jean Grey and Cyclops free on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day arriving on Thursday, Gazillion are celebrating the event with a special Jean Grey and Cyclops offer for Marvel Heroes.

By Paul Younger | 13 Feb 2013 | Comments Off

How Gazillion build a hero in Marvel Heroes. New dev video explains

Gazillion are back with a new developer video for their ARPG Marvel Heroes which is currently in beta testing.

By Paul Younger | 29 Jan 2013 | Comments Off

Marvel Heroes Founders Program Launches

Gazillion are giving ARPG and Marvel fans the chance to join Marvel Heroes early and purchase the limited edition digital Founder Pack.

By Paul Younger | 9 Jan 2013 | Comments Off