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IncGamers Podcast #186


Do you think he knows he has tattoos all over his face?

This week on the IncGamers Podcast, there’s delight as Dark Souls makes moves to drop Games for Windows Live and embrace Steamworks in a big warm hug. In a somewhat related tangent, I’ve been playing Lords of the Fallen and can probably risk an embargo wrist-slap by talking about the first couple of game hours. It’s moderately Souls-ey.

Tim argues that The Evil Within isn’t necessarily just a bad PC port, but a game with lots of bad design decisions. Aspect ratios and fields of view among them. One game that shouldn’t have an FOV problem on PC this year is Call of Duty, as Advanced Warfare will ship with a slider. Hooray.

Elsewhere, Bossa decide to make QWOP-meets-Goat-Simulator with bread (hey, why not?) and Dragon Age: Inquisition’s marketing people do their best to tell people everything about the game before it even comes out.

There’s also very early impressions of Dreamfall Chapters and Tim’s much anticipated spider rating for Legend of Grimrock 2.

Stick around after the closing music for some in-depth discussion of Space Raider crisps.

You can listen to or download the podcast, below. Other episodes of the most amazing PC gaming based podcast in all of history can be found in the IncGamers archives. iTunes should have some as well.