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DayZ Video Journal #01: Swallowed by Shadows

The DayZ zombie survival mod for Bohemia Interactive’s Arma 2 has been something of a sensation. Still officially in Alpha, the mod has swept to massive popularity as people fall prey to its tense tales of dangerous scavenging and the ever-present threat of permanent character death.

Naturally, we at IncGamers wanted in on some of that action (if only so we can inevitably betray one another for a small pile of cans and some ammo for a gun we don’t even own). We’ll periodically be bringing you footage of the team’s adventures in the Eastern European expanses of Chernarus, as John, Tim and myself try to stay alive as long as possible with a bear minimum of wilderness survival skills.

We’re new. We’re scared. And we’re in the dark (literally).

This is the IncGamers DayZ Journal.