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Joe Danger 2: The Movie

Danger zone: Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 coming to PC on 24 June

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

A double dose of danger (and motorcycles) will be appearing on Steam on 24 June, as HelloGames confirms that both Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2 are on their way to the PC. The Steam versions will come with full Workshop integration and support for the digital platform’s ‘Big Picture’ service, so expect mods and the ability to play the games on your TV.

It’s a little odd to release both titles on exactly the same date, but perhaps they’re different enough from one another for that not to matter (or perhaps some kind of Steam double-pack offer is in the making.) The first Joe Danger is said to be more laser-focused on arcade, score-attack antics, while the second has more vehicles, settings and scope.

Here are a pair of trailers illustrating the terrible human cost of being a motorcycle stuntman. Just ask Ghost Rider.