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IncGamers Podcast #149


On this week’s edition of the IncGamers Podcast, we’re thinking about trademarking the word “podcast” and harassing anybody else on the internet who tries to use it. Hey, if it works for King.com and the word ‘Candy,’ anything’s possible, right?

After saying the word candy as much as possible, we move on to discussing the Microsoft/EA payola scandal currently engulfing YouTube. Maybe this is a good time to admit that the podcast team get money every time they mention Peter Molyneux? Except that’s something I just made up. We’re always happy to do that for free.

Those two stories rather overshadow the trickle of information from Steam Dev Days, which mostly had to do with the lucrative nature of virtual hats and the intriguing promise of virtual reality.

Plus! There’s substantial mockery of the Hitman: Absolution disguise system when we all remember how rubbish it is. Oh, and IO has promised to do better next time.

Paul’s been ramming moons into planets (really) in Planetary Annihilation, Tim can’t talk much about Might & Magic X Legacy because it’s still under embargo and I’ve formed the mighty colonial nation of Bortugal in Europa Universalis IV’s latest expansion, Conquest of Paradise.

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