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GOG’s latest sale is a gladiatorial Battle of the Games

As is their wont, GOG have started up another sale – and this one has you vote on which deals you want.

14 Apr 2014 | 0

GOG regional pricing plans are shelved. One price to rule them all

PC gamers have spoken and the team at GOG has listened as regional pricing plans for the DRM free service have now been shelved.

18 Mar 2014 | Comments Off

GOG celebrates 5 years with a company history video

GOG has been supplying games to PC gamers for five years now so to celebrate the anniversary and the new year they’ve released a video which takes a trip down memory lane.

9 Jan 2014 | Comments Off

GOG.com’s Let’s Party Promo starts 31 December

Over at GOG.com they’ve been running community votes for which particular game bundles get an (up to) 80% discount on any given day of their Winter Sale.

27 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

GOG offering Fallout games for free as Winter sale starts

GOG’s 2013 Winter sale has begun, offering a whole host of games for ridiculous discounts every single day – but the big news is that the Fallout series is completely free for the first 48 hours.

12 Dec 2013 | 3

GOG’s Black Friday deal offers 65 games at 70% off

I’ll grant you that GOG putting games on sale for the weekend is not a big surprise, even when it’s Black Friday, but it’s still probably worth me writing about it when they’re offering 65 games at 75% off.

29 Nov 2013 | Comments Off

GOG.com reckons it’s time for a point-and-click weekend

GOG.com seems to think that this weekend is a perfect time to play some point-and-click adventures, judging by the sale they’ve currently got on, and I can’t say I disagree.

18 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Carmageddon 2 splatters through civilians, pulls up to a halt at GOG

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now has splattered its way through the releasing-an-old-game red tape (which wasn’t red before Carmageddon passed through) and is now on GOG, available to buy for a mere $9.99.

17 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

GOG offers freebies to anyone furloughed by American shutdown

Oh, America. I want to put a sadface here, but an article isn’t the right place for that sort of thing.

9 Oct 2013 | 1

GOG birthday celebrations continue: five indie games for $5

GOG is still turning five, and its five-week birthday celebrations are still going on.

24 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

GOG Interview: Trevor Longino on DRM, piracy and the future of the site

With GOG.com recently celebrating its fifth anniversary online and branching out into indie game publishing, IncGamers thought it was time to put some questions to the site about where GOG goes from here.

20 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

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GOG.com to publishers: “Pirates aren’t your customers. Forget about them.”

In a forthcoming interview with IncGamers (coming up later this week,) GOG.com’s Trevor Longino reiterates his site’s opposition to Digital Rights Management (DRM) and expresses dismay that publishers still insist on using it as a method of preventing piracy.

16 Sep 2013 | 1

Getting Older, Guys: GOG turning five, offering big sales

I find it somewhat hard to believe, but GOG – formerly Good Old Games – is turning five.

9 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

GoG.com Christmas sale puts Duke Nukem 3D in your stocking

If you’re lacking one copy of Duke Nukem 3D from your games collection, GoG.com’s Christmas sale will be able to sort you out with a freebie.

12 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

Duke Nukem in the 2nd dimension: original games now on GoG

He’s best known for being in 3D and for taking an awfully long time to release (you can make up your own terrible sex joke there), but Duke Nukem’s origins lie in the realm of 2D side-scrolling shooters.

6 Dec 2012 | Comments Off

GoG goes Mac with 50 titles, including The Witcher 2

GoG.com has announced that the digital download service will be offering Mac versions of around 50 titles in its catalogue from today.

18 Oct 2012 | Comments Off

GoG.com teases Carmageddon release

The chaps at GoG.com have issued a teaser video for a title that’ll be coming to the site tomorrow (27 September).

26 Sep 2012 | 1