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IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #193


Welcome to The Game Awaaarrgghh

The IncGamers Podcast is first with the news and discussion of Ropeway Simulator 2014, the hottest game of this, next, or any other year. No other podcast will go in-depth with ski lift simulation like this one.

After that we talk about some show that happened in Vegas on Friday. An awards thing for games, you know. Except it was mostly trailers.

Yes, The Game Awards 2014! It was no Ropeway Simulator 2014, but it did contain trailers for a lot of forthcoming games. Some of those trailers even managed to be in-game footage or longer than 30 seconds. There was more Witcher 3 (and some mystery about a second playable character,) more No Man’s Sky (listen in if you want to know what you actually DO in No Man’s Sky) and footage from things like King’s Quest.

We also muse about the Day of the Tentacle remaster, whether Bayonetta would ever see a PC port and even sneak in some Dark Souls Steamworks-transition chat.

I’ve been playing a fair bit of Elite: Dangerous, so that gets some discussion as well.

Listen to, or download, the podcast below. You can find more podcasts, each one slightly more cynical than the last, in our archives. iTunes holds on to some for us as well.