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ArenaNet details November Guild Wars 2 event schedule

This month’s Lost Shores event is not too far away from going live and today ArenaNet has outlined the schedule to make sure players are around to take part.

By Paul Younger | 6 Nov 2012 | Comments Off

November Guild Wars 2 event will change Tyria forever

ArenaNet are getting ready to launch what sounds like an epic event in Guild Wars 2 this month.

By Paul Younger | 2 Nov 2012 | Comments Off

Guild Wars 2 Shadow of the Mad King event teased in video

ArenaNet’s special Halloween event Shadow of the Mad King will kick off on 22 October and they’ve updated the information page with a few more details which shows that the event will take place over four acts, each act starting on different dates from 22 October.

By Paul Younger | 19 Oct 2012 | Comments Off