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IncGamers Podcast #180


With The Sims 4 now well and truly released across the world, it’s time for the IncGamers Podcast to discuss whether the negative pre-release press was justified. Well, Tim and Paul discuss it anyway, as they’re the ones who’ve played the game. I’m just asking questions.

You’ll learn about the extremely disturbing gym habits of Hugh Jarse, and discover that The Sims 4 offers compelling reasons for never leaving the house. Not in the sense that it’s a spellbinding game, but due to a fear of loading screens.

After that, we’ll try to get interested in ESPN president John “don’t call me Skipper” Skipper’s statement that eSports aren’t sports (but John, it’s right there in the name!) and I’ll explain why the exploration in Elite: Dangerous sounds quite interesting.

This week, as well as dabbling with Sims, Tim has been slaying the undead in invent ways in Dead Rising 3. Meanwhile, I’ve been dating the hell out of pigeons in Hatoful Boyfriend. Follow the appropriate links to read reviews of those two games. They got the same score so that means by all objective measures they are of identical quality. Maybe.

You can listen to all of that, or download and listen to it, by pressing the buttons below. Other podcast episodes are housed in the archives, and a few can be located at iTunes as well.