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IncGamers Podcast #84

Summer is well and truly here, which means a great deal more Vitamin D (for those who venture outside) but slimmer pickings from the world of videogames. Nonetheless, the IncGamers team has located three forthcoming or recent releases and formulated some opinions to share about each of them.

Tim has only just managed to escape from a FEMA concentration camp to bring you the latest on Funcom’s upcoming conspiracy-themed MMO The Secret World, John has been finding out whether a household cat really can be your co-pilot in the Kinect-powered Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, and things are wrapped up with an exchange of views on Fray, a French-developed tactical squad command title for the PC.

Audio is your only choice this week, so listen in below and rummage around the boxes inside Uncle iTunes’ garage if you need some older episodes.