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IncGamers Podcast #184


A slightly stealth-themed podcast this week, as both Tim and Paul have been evading foul HR Giger creations in Alien: Isolation, while I’ve been inhabiting the shoes of a goblin assassin in Styx: Master of Shadows. Find out what we all think of those respective games in the second half of the podcast.

Before that, we take a look/laugh at Steam’s weird honour system for curators to declare whether they’ve been paid to make recommendations, and Twitch.TV’s rather more robust set of transparency policies.

A conversation about the folding of Piranha Games’ Transverse project somehow ends up in a discussion about $600 USD ships in Star Citizen (I know, sorry.) Then we move on to Disney’s decision to drop a whole load of older PC ports (and Epic Mickey 2) on to Steam from seemingly out of nowhere. With any luck, they’ll get around to sticking TIE Fighter on there.

You can hear all of that, plus the stupid bits I’ve forgotten to mention, by listening or download the podcast below. You’ll be a better person if you do. Probably.

Other episodes of the IncGamers Podcast can be found in the archives, and iTunes keeps a rolling collection of the last ten or so as well.