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Elite: Dangerous release and pre-order prices revealed – Multiple ship ownership confirmed

Frontier nail down the pricing for their space epic Elite: Dangerous and reveal pre-order bonuses.

By Paul Younger | 12 Sep 2014 | 2

IncGamers Podcast #180

With The Sims 4 now well and truly released across the world, it’s time for the IncGamers Podcast to discuss whether the negative pre-release press was justified.

By Peter Parrish | 10 Sep 2014 | 4

Transverse could have been Wing Commander Online – Gamer doubts begin

Earlier this evening Piranha Games revealed Transverse and it’s not going down well.

By Paul Younger | 10 Sep 2014 | 8

Elite: Dangerous to make explorers rich, SLI coming in Beta 2

The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter (#39) contains some interesting details about how exploration will function in the full game.

By Peter Parrish | 5 Sep 2014 | 0

Elite: Dangerous details new Ocellus starport and missions

The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter has been issued, containing a few details (and images) of a new Ocellus starport plus Beta 2 mission info.

By Peter Parrish | 29 Aug 2014 | 0

Elite: Dangerous Beta 1.3 Impressions

Back in 1984, when the original Elite was released by David Braben and Ian Bell, you could tell it was a special game.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Aug 2014 | 0

Elite: Dangerous to introduce outposts in Beta 2

The latest newsletter for Elite: Dangerous has a few details to share about the addition of outposts for Beta 2.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Aug 2014 | 0

IncGamers Podcast #177

It’s the post-Gamescom IncGamers podcast, which means dealing with the bits and pieces of the show that followed our Gamescom special.

By Peter Parrish | 19 Aug 2014 | 1

Elite: Dangerous hid free Beta access USBs in Cologne

If you happen to live in Cologne, there is a very small chance that you might be able to get access to the Elite: Dangerous Beta for free.

By Peter Parrish | 15 Aug 2014 | Comments Off

Elite: Dangerous releases beta stats, development update

The latest Elite: Dangerous beta newsletter may not be quite stuffed with news, but does include a few interesting details about the direction of development.

By Peter Parrish | 8 Aug 2014 | Comments Off

Elite: Dangerous “Standard” Beta launches – Lots of patch notes

Today is the day Elite: Dangerous expands for beta testers which also means it’s slightly cheaper to play.

By Paul Younger | 30 Jul 2014 | Comments Off

Elite: Dangerous outlines future expansion plans

The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter contains a few details about how Frontier Developments plans to expand the game post-release.

By Peter Parrish | 18 Jul 2014 | 2

Elite: Dangerous moving to “standard” beta on 29 July

The Kafka-esque world of PC beta naming schemes continues to be encapsulated by Elite: Dangerous, which says it will be moving to a standard beta phase on 29 July.

By Peter Parrish | 27 Jun 2014 | 3

Elite: Dangerous jumps to Premium Beta 2, adds star systems

Much like the universe itself (well, probably,) Elite: Dangerous is expanding.

By Peter Parrish | 24 Jun 2014 | Comments Off

Elite: Dangerous E3 trailer boasts 400 billion star systems

I wasn’t really expecting an E3 2014 trailer for Elite: Dangerous from Frontier Developments, so this is a pleasant surprise.

By Peter Parrish | 10 Jun 2014 | 16

Elite Dangerous Premium beta begins

Frontier  hit a new milestone in the development of Elite Dangerous as more players join the action.

By Paul Younger | 30 May 2014 | Comments Off

Elite Dangerous Alpha 4 launches bringing the Boötes constellation

As development continues on Elite Dangerous Frontier launch the next phase of testing called Alpha 4.

By Paul Younger | 16 May 2014 | Comments Off

Elite Dangerous Alpha 4 and premium beta release dates revealed

Elite Dangerous testers will be pleased to hear the development is moving along at a speedy pace with news of the Alpha 4 release date.

By Paul Younger | 3 May 2014 | Comments Off

Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta begins today

Alpha testing is now concluding and Frontier is about to move on to the next phase of testing the new Elite.

By Paul Younger | 10 Apr 2014 | Comments Off

IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #157

This week’s edition of the podcast harkens back to a strange and mysterious time when small teams of programmers could find huge success making a game in a small office or bedroom.

By Peter Parrish | 19 Mar 2014 | 16

Elite: Dangerous alpha 3.0 out, video shows off docking

Frontier Developments have released alpha 3.0 of Elite: Dangerous to those who backed at an alpha level, and this alpha build is actually starting to shape the game up a bit.

By Tim McDonald | 14 Mar 2014 | 1

Elite: Dangerous multiplayer footage from alpha phase 2.0

The development of Elite: Dangerous is continuing at pace, with the latest release expanding the alpha multiplayer options for those who backed the game at appropriate levels (that level is still £200.00 GBP.) In this latest build, there are now four different multiplayer scenarios for people to try out.

By Peter Parrish | 5 Feb 2014 | Comments Off

Elite Dangerous Alpha gets underway – Video shows ship control

Frontier has today launched the Alpha test for backers of Elite Dangerous called “Phase one – Single Player Combat”.

By Paul Younger | 12 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

New Elite Dangerous video diary explains cockpit and HUD design

A new video developer diary for Elite Dangerous has been released in which Frontier’s Art Director Chris Gregory explains how they’ve used a team of artists and animators to design elements of the HUD and cockpit.

By Paul Younger | 28 Nov 2013 | 3

Elite Dangerous alpha and beta plans revealed – Alpha starts December

David Braben is back with another developer diary for Elite Dangerous in which he discusses the latest developments.

By Paul Younger | 18 Oct 2013 | 2

Virtual space: Elite Dangerous gets Oculus Rift support

If there was one type of game that lends itself to VR it would be anything where you’re sitting down in a cockpit.

By Paul Younger | 10 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Braben’s Elite: Dangerous dev diary video explains the Capital ship trailer

Back in September Frontier released a very tasty looking Elite: Dangerous video showing the game’s Capital ships but it was unclear what was in-game footage and what had been added to the video to make it look so snazzy.

By Paul Younger | 6 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Elite: Dangerous video shows capital ships getting dangerous

Following what’s been described by Frontier Developments as a lengthy selection process, Elite: Dangerous now has a composer.

By Tim McDonald | 13 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

Cobra commander: new Elite: Dangerous images

As well as taking a punt on the stock exchange, Frontier Developments is still busy doing what they were Kickstarted to do; namely, developing Elite: Dangerous.

By Peter Parrish | 12 Jul 2013 | Comments Off

Elite Dangerous Kickstarter concludes raising £1,578,166 – New gameplay video

The Elite Dangerous Kickstarter project has now concluded and has surpassed it’s goal of £1,250,000.

By Paul Younger | 5 Jan 2013 | Comments Off