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Divinity: Original Sin pushed to Spring to incorporate feedback

Larian has announced that their party-based (or co-op) RPG Divinity: Original Sin will now be released during the Spring of 2014.

25 Feb 2014 | Comments Off

Divinity: Original Sin delivers an alpha to its Kickstarter backers

Last week, you perhaps saw Larian’s Swen Vinke playing through around 40 minutes of Divinity: Original Sin in preparation for the game’s alpha release.

17 Dec 2013 | Comments Off

Divinity: Original Sin in 40 glorious minutes of alpha footage

Well, at least there’ll always be one Let’s Play-er left on YouTube.

11 Dec 2013 | 1

Divine release: Divinity: Original Sin will be with us in February

Larian has announced that the crowd-funded RPG Divinity: Original Sin will be released sometime in the month of February next year.

26 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

Larian demonstrates the pumpkin helmet of Divinity: Original Sin [Video]

As you might expect, there’s a fair amount of Halloween-themed promotional stuff being thrown out into the great wilds of the internet today.

31 Oct 2012 | Comments Off

Leffe to their own devices: Larian Studios at Gamescom [Video]

Even having a pair of PCs stolen from their display area couldn’t stop Larian Studios (Divinity series) having a decent time at Gamescom.

22 Aug 2012 | Comments Off

$5,000 USD bounty offered for returning Larian’s stolen PCs

Poor old Larian Studios, developers of the Divinity RPG series, have had a pair of PCs nabbed from their Gamescom demonstration area in Cologne.

15 Aug 2012 | Comments Off

Divinity: Original Sin announced adding multiplayer

Lartian Studios are set to release a new Divinity RPG next year called Divinity: Original Sin.

29 May 2012 | Comments Off