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podcast 163

IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #163

podcast 163

Dark Souls 2 came out on PC! The IncGamers podcast team (well, the me and Tim parts of it anyway) will discuss how the transition to PC has gone this time and whether the sequel is a worthy successor to one of the greatest games of recent years.

Before all that, we teach you how to become a videogame analyst like David Cole of ‘DFC Intelligence.’ Soon, you too could be constructing pie charts and selling them for $3,000 USD a pop. Probably. Mr. Cole also had some things to say about PC revenues, so we mention that too.

MOBAs had a lot to do with Cole’s analysis, and one of those MOBAs is DOTA 2. It’s getting a ‘Spring Cleaning’ patch this week and Tim is just the man to tell us about it. We didn’t ask him to diverge into creating some kind of mad, hypothetical McDonalds-branded MOBA burger game but he did that anyway.

Elsewhere, Blizzard asked people if they’d like more Diablo 3 expansions and were probably not too surprised to receive the answer “yes please.”

As mentioned, this week Tim and I have played Dark Souls 2. Paul has been getting the MOBA bug from Heroes of the Storm, and Tim has also found time for Child of Light. He can’t quite explain whether he likes it or not, though. I have no such trouble explaining whether I like Daylight. I don’t. It’s quite rubbish.

You can opt to watch or listen to the podcast, below. More podcast episodes can be found right here in the Duke’s Archives, and iTunes has some as well.