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Alien Isolation - 09

Alien: Isolation trailer wants to hear you scream

Alien Isolation - 09

The Xenomorph’s campaign to promote tooth care didn’t quite have the success that marketing expected.

A new Alien: Isolation trailer, titled Hear You Scream, has been released.

“Trailer” seems a bit much, though. This 48-second video is about 19 seconds of actual gameplay footage, and the rest is logos and pre-order information. That gameplay footage looks alright, though, showing our protagonist (unsuccessfully) trying to distract the xenomorph with an improvised flashbang. Which, uh… is basically the entire thing, so I’m pretty much out of stuff to say. I’m just hoping that the death sequences shown in these pre-release trailers aren’t the only death animations we’ll be seeing in-game.

Anyway, the video is still worth a look, but don’t expect anything too amazing from it.

Alien: Isolation is due out on 7 October.