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IncGamers Podcast #127


There’s a certain air of criminality about this week’s podcast. Yet again there’s a clue to Grand Theft Auto V’s appearance on PC (we know, sorry,) while in the penny-grabbing world of Thief it’s discovered that Garrett won’t be able to use his legs on demand any more.

Payday 2 has been getting some play with the team across the weekend, and Tim’s also been stabbing people in Dishonored. Plus there’s Europa Universalis IV, a game almost purpose-built for committing abstract, strategic war crimes.

Listen in to the podcast team as we chat about DOTA 2’s International coming to close, Paul’s new-found obsession with e-sports and our plans for a dramatic re-telling of The Wizard, Rocky and The Breakfast Club with a DOTA 2 theme.

You can stream the latest episode below, or download it and keep it for a rainy day. More episodes can be found in the archive or at iTunes.