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IncGamers Plays: I Am Bread

i am bread02

I’m the most edible bread around. For now.

Bossa Studios found significant success last year with Surgeon Simulator 2013, hitting on the perfect formula of QWOP-like controls, weird physics and pitch black humour. Their newest title, I Am Bread, revisits at least the first two of those. Maybe the last one too, I’ve not really got far enough through the “plot.”

As the name suggestions, I Am Bread casts you as a slice of bread. Your mission in life is to turn yourself into toast because, apparently, there’s nothing bread craves more than being slowly burned to a crisp. Maybe to them it’s just like sitting close to a cosy fireplace, who knows?

Anyway, achieving toastification is not entirely simple. For one thing, you’re a slice of bread. Definitely a more active and agile slice of bread than most, but still a slice of bread. That means a lot of flopping around, bumping into things and failed attempts to haul yourself on to countertops. If you’re me, anyway. There are probably a load of I Am Bread pros out there already.

The game is currently in Early Access with four different levels. In the video below, you’ll see two of those four. You’ll also see my inability to effectively control bread. Watch in 720p for the best results and all that.