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Blood Bowl 2’s Kick-Off trailer contains big spiky balls


Considering the size of that loincloth, I’m slightly surprised that there are no balls in display in this picture. Because obviously, a guy with a loincloth like that should always be carrying the ball. Right?

A new trailer for Cyanide’s Blood Bowl 2 shows off the game’s shiny new graphics engine.

Blood Bowl 2 is Cyanide’s second attempt at taking Games Workshop’s violent sports-strategy board game to the PC… unless you count the 361 different versions of Blood Bowl they released. Or the pseudo-spinoff Dungeonbowl. But if you’re not counting them, it’s Cyanide’s second attempt at taking the violent sports-strategy board game to the PC!

The trailer is very action-packed, but don’t be fooled; this isn’t the reincarnation of Mutant League Football. Blood Bowl itself is a turn-based tactical game in which you have to carefully position and order your chosen team in order to either get the ball where it needs to go, or to visit some tremendous acts of violence upon your foes.

Maybe – just maybe – Blood Bowl 2 will be the game we’ve been after. Maybe it’ll have good tutorials that will allow those unfamiliar with the board game to play it, and maybe it won’t have loading times that can be measured in hours, and maybe it won’t be buggy and just generally painful to play.


Blood Bowl 2 is due out in spring 2015. Have a look at the trailer below.