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No 1080p for Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

New generation, no HD support as standard. At least as far as Nintendo is concerned.

3 Sep 2012 | Comments Off

BioWare joining up with second studio to produce Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

BioWare are handling the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3 alone.

29 Aug 2012 | Comments Off

Shepard’s scavenger hunt in Mass Effect 3′s ‘Leviathan’ [Video]

The first downloadable solo DLC (if you ignore From Ashes and, er, the entirely new ending) for Mass Effect 3 will be released on 28 August for most platforms (29 August for PS3 users in Europe).

24 Aug 2012 | 1

BioWare tease Mass Effect 3 announcement tonight

Tonight is EA’s Summer Showcase, and BioWare has decided now is the right moment to tease us that an announcement regarding Mass Effect 3 will be made at the show.

2 Aug 2012 | 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic has lost over 300,000 subscribers since May

EA has admitted that Star Wars: The Old Republic subscription numbers have fallen below one million for the first time since its release in December 2011.

1 Aug 2012 | 1

Mass Effect movie to be based on first game, script finished

It seems that the script for the Mass Effect movie is finished.

24 Jul 2012 | 29

Earth has some problems in the new Mass Effect 3 DLC [Video]

The latest free multiplayer DLC for Mass Effect 3 is rolling out to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC today (possibly tomorrow in some PSN regions) and, as already stated, you’ll be playing the role of some unfortunate fellows who’ve been left behind to look after Earth while the Reapers attempt to garbage-compact it.

17 Jul 2012 | Comments Off

Have a good laugh at the awful Mass Effect: Paragon Lost trailer

An important warning today about the dangers of playing fast and loose with your successful videogame license.

13 Jul 2012 | 3

BioWare looking at free-to-play for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Despite BioWare saying late last year that it couldn’t see MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic going down the free-to-play route anytime soon, it was only a matter of before the developer looked into the prospect.

15 Jun 2012 | Comments Off

EA wins the Mass Effect 3 ending investigation farce

EA has won in the investigation into the advertising campaign for Mass Effect 3. 

13 Jun 2012 | 3

Mass Effect 3 is a Wii U launch title

Mass Effect 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are heading up the third-party support for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console.

5 Jun 2012 | Comments Off

BioWare talks forthcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic features

BioWare’s Ray Muzyka spoke to the audience at EA’s E3 conference about a mass of forthcoming features for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

4 Jun 2012 | 1