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Battlefield 4 Review

I don’t quite know how to review Battlefield 4. I definitely don’t know how to score it.

1 Nov 2013 | 11

IncGamers Podcast #138

For reasons best known to the podcast team, this week’s edition has several horrendous deviations into references to Jimmy Savile, child soldiers and the Nazis.

30 Oct 2013 | 5

Battlefield 4 multiplayer launch trailer actually appears on time

Unlike the bizarrely early SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow launch trailer, this multiplayer launch trailer for Battlefield 4 is appropriately timed.

29 Oct 2013 | 1

Nvidia GeForce 331.65 WHQL drivers released with ShadowPlay

If you read our story yesterday about the leaked ShadowPlay release then you have probably already tried the new video capture software.

28 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Load up: Battlefield 4 can be preloaded in Europe

DICE and EA and the myriad other publishing and PR arms involved with the production of Battlefield 4 have announced that if you’ve pre-ordered the game through Origin in Europe then preloading begins RIGHT NOW.

28 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Battlefield 4 multiplayer Floodzone footage surfaces

The Floodzone map in Battlefield 4 is pretty special, when the levee breaks and the city floods it ‘s a game changer.

26 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Watch the explosive Battlefield 4 Accolades TV trailer

Battlefield 4 is only a few days away from release and exposure for DICE’s shooter is picking up pace.

25 Oct 2013 | 2

The action packed dog punching Battlefield 4 single player story trailer

EA and DICE are not to be outdone on the trailer front this week as we head toward the Battlefield 4 launch.

23 Oct 2013 | 2

DICE addressing PC Battlefield 4 beta problems in time for launch based on feedback

Here at IncGamers towers we were fortunate enough not to experience some of the major problems that faced PC gamers during the Battlefield 4 beta but not everyone was so lucky.

16 Oct 2013 | 1

DICE explains Battlefield 4 spectator mode

Watching people play is more fun than actually playing right? Well perhaps not but it’s a good way to pick up some play tips.

10 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Battlefield 4 beta is now live for everyone

If you’ve had to endure the week without Battlefield 4 beta access then the wait is over as the beta has gone live for everyone on all platforms.

4 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

Battlefield 4 Preview – The Beta Test

Let’s get a few things out of the way first: I’m not going to do a great deal of complaining about Battlefield 4 here, but other people already have.

4 Oct 2013 | 6

DICE “investigating” Battlefield 4 beta freezing and crashes – Known issues posted

Testing is now underway and the first round of known issues for the Battlefield 4 beta have been posted by EA.

2 Oct 2013 | 3

IncGamers Podcast #134

This week on the podcast, the team discuss the return of definitely-not-rubbish film tie-ins as Kick-Ass 2 announces itself to the world.

2 Oct 2013 | 3

Battlefield 4 levolution shown in Flood Zone map with editor in new video

EA are back with a new video for Battlefield 4, and if you’re interested in how the maps change through “levolution”, then take a look at this,
Lead MP designer for Battlefield 4, Thomas Andersson is on hand to show how the maps look in the editor and how the map changes when the streets become flooded after a levee break.

1 Oct 2013 | Comments Off

GeForce 331.40 beta driver brings Battlefield 4 beta enhancements and more

Nvidia has pumped out a new set of beta drivers this evening taking them to 331.40.

1 Oct 2013 | 2

Pre-load the Battlefield 4 beta now

Update: Nvdia release new Beta drivers for the Battlefield 4 beta.

30 Sep 2013 | 1

Battlefield 4 has seven game modes, and here they are

New mixes with old in this released list of Battlefield 4 game modes.

27 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

Repeat assault: Battlefield 4 beta details re-stated in this in-house video

Like several other major publishers, EA has figured out that the best way to completely control the release of information about their projects is to take interviewing and reporting in-house.

23 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

Battlefield 4 weapon and vehicle customisation explained in new video

Weapon customisation in Battlefield 4 is one way to make your weapon less of a bore.

20 Sep 2013 | Comments Off