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Arrested Bohemia devs “did not enter military area”

Last week a story broke that two developers from developer Bohemia Interactive were arrested in Greece for spying and today Bohemia has issued a statement to clarify the situaton.

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Bohemia Interactive statement on arrest of employees

Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel has posted a statement in response to yesterday’s news that two Bohemia employees had been arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos.

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Arma 3 researchers arrested on Greek island of Lemnos

Two Bohemia Interactive staff members have been arrested on the Greek island of Lemnos after photographing and recording footage of military facilities for the Arma 3 title.

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Arma 3 gets in training with these screenshots

Bohemia Interactive has put these Arma 3 screenshots through their paces and deemed them suitable for release into the wild.

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ARMA 3 and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission playable at Gamescom

Bohemia Interactive will be giving gamers the opportunity to go hands-on with ARMA 3 and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission at Gamescom next month in Cologne.

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Arma 3 ‘E3 sneak peak’ shows engine, vehicles, weapons [Video]

New footage from Arma 3 has been released just prior to E3 2012, which gives a decent idea of the sorts of things Bohemia Interactive will be showing off from the game at the event.

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