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IncGamers Podcast #133


Get in nice and early to hear the IncGamers Podcast panel discuss the first of Valve’s three announcements this week before they announce the second thing and make our speculations irrelevant.

What’s the deal with SteamOS and how/when/why will it relate to the mystical magical ‘Steambox’? Is Gareth Bale somehow involved? The podcast team do their best to investigate. Windows 98 may even get a mention.

After that, we’re on safer territory with the latest (slightly disappointing) DOTA 2 update and the (much more disappointing) SimCity update. There’s no need to build outwards when you can recreate the vertical madness of Mega-City One instead, right? Oh, and please give Maxis $30.00 USD.

Then, with games like Godus and State of Decay making the news this week, the podcast team have a bit of a chat about various ‘early access’ programs. A cheeky way to get players to pay to alpha/beta test your game, or a neat way to involve the community in development? Surprise twist option: maybe it’s both.

This week, we’ve been playing Air Conflicts: Vietnam, Alien Rage and Urban Trial Freestyle. Find out what we think of all those by listening in or downloading the podcast, below.

You can find more episodes in the archives or at iTunes.