Review Policy

IncGamers uses an ‘out of ten’ scoring system to provide readers with the most accurate representation of a game’s quality as possible. We feel this allows us to differentiate between scores clearly and is the best way to communicate our views to our readers.

Our reviews make use of the full ten-point scale, so a 5 does not mean ‘irredeemably terrible.’ It means a mediocre game that may well have some redeeming qualities and ideas, or may appeal to those with an interest in the genre. We do not score on the US High School system where 7/10 is average, because that makes no sense whatsoever.

Most important of all, a score can only communicate a fraction of a writer’s opinion about a game. The words that accompany that score are what you should focus your attention on.

Our commitment to you is that we play all of our reviewed games to completion before writing or publishing reviews, or arriving at a final score. In some instances, this can result in reviews being posted after a game’s release. (This may also happen if a publisher has been slow to provide us with review code, for example.)

‘Completion’ can differ in meaning. For games with a defined story, it means finishing that narrative. For titles like Total War or Football Manager it means putting in sufficient hours to thoroughly test all features of the latest installment. What we will never do is post a review of a game before it has been tested sufficiently.

Unless an incorrect rating has been awarded through human or technical error, we never alter a game’s review score after initial publication. We hold ourselves accountable for scoring games correctly and, as such, do not publish reviews unless we are sure a rating has been awarded fairly and accurately.

Scores are determined by the writer assigned to review the game and not subject to any editorial ‘tinkering.’

If a game has changed radically since its initial release we may decide to follow up our original review with a further article. This may happen if the game is extensively overhauled through patches, or if the game’s content changes drastically over time, as with MMOs.

Ratings breakdown:

10/10 – Essential
9/10 – Outstanding
8/10 – Great
7/10 – Good
6/10 – Appealing
5/10 – Mediocre
4/10 – Heavily flawed
3/10 – Really bad
2/10 – Awful
1/10 – The War Z