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Balls out: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 gets North American launch trailer

It’s that time of year again, everyone. It’s time for virtual balls.

By Tim McDonald | 26 Sep 2013 | Comments Off

A kick to FIFA’s footballs: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to use Havok Physics

Those football games are all about physics, eh? I mean, the ball physics go without saying, but if you don’t have realistic physics for the players and their clothes, then… um.

By Tim McDonald | 19 Jul 2013 | 5

PES 2014 trailer highlights game features and footy jargon

Footy games are getting more and more complex each year. This new PES 2014 video attempts to explain some of the game’s features such as the TrueBall Tech, which apparently makes it feel like you are playing with a real ball.

By Paul Younger | 29 Jun 2013 | Comments Off

Eyeful of balls: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 screens released

Konami has released a load of screenshots and a few factoids about Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, their latest attempt to field a FIFA competitor.

By Tim McDonald | 12 Jun 2013 | 6

Pro Evo 2014 signs up the Asian Champions League

For the foreseeable future, EA’s FIFA series seems to have the Premier League and other European league licensing deals locked down.

By Peter Parrish | 22 Apr 2013 | Comments Off